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“Oggi sento la tensione nervosa salire” -Today I feel the nervous tension rise”

  Ciao!–interiezione Hello! Salve!, Ciao!, Piacere!, Pronto?, Pronto! Hi! Ciao!, Salve!, Piacere! Bye-Bye! Arrivederci!, Arrivederla!, Ciao!, Addio! Bye! Arrivederci!, Ciao!, Addio! So long! Ciao!, Ci vediamo! Cheerio! Ciao!, Cincin! Hallo! Ciao!, Salve!, Pronto! Hullo! Ciao!, Pronto! Please help Google Translate … Continua a leggere

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Last Sunday in South Gate Sim – Second Life

In Double Events for level up at 65 (Irish Sharple)

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Half Moon Run – Full circle

I like to clear my mind good music like this

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Yesterday I did the %appdata% -roaming folder SL – Stella Olrich

Yesterday I did the ‘%% Roaming folder by clicking on SL I deleted a to a coming to your name, I stopped I opened it .. I saw your words July 2013 we were still together doubted my love … Continua a leggere

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“Impression” from Oscar Wilde Poesie – Ballata del carcere di Reading –

“Impression” Le Réveillon The sky  is laced with fitful  red, The circling mists and shadows flee, The dawn is rising from the sea, Like a white lady from her bed.   And jagged brazen arrows fall Athwart the feathers of … Continua a leggere

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